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  • Andrew + Matt | Engaged

  • Andrew and Matt's engagement session was so much fun. Plus, any shoot that ends with sushi is a total win. We shot on the waterfront around where they're getting married next year and the super pretty Dundurn Castle.
  • Kelly + Anthony | Engaged

  • I have never been under more pressure to be successfully funny than with Anthony and Kelly. Even this intro paragraph is giving me grief. Anthony is a comedian. Kelly is a scientist (!). Although my first objective should be making great photographs, my need to connect with the people I photograph i[...]
  • Shannon & Joe | Engagement Session

  • I had a lot of fun photographing these two wonderful people around the grand river in Brantford. The fall colours and the setting sun provided a fantastic backdrop for the session. Even though I shoot at this location quite often, it always feels fresh to me.
  • Christine & Adrian | Engaged

  • Christine and Adrian are two amazing people who just happen to be getting married next year. We did their engagement shoot against the beautiful backdrop of a friends property on the mountain in Stoney Creek. It was an absolutely joy to work with two people who are so clearly in love.