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  • Kelly + Anthony | Knollwood Wedding

  • Crab cakes. Check. Jokes about salad. Check. A super awesome wedding. Check. It was an amazing experience photographing Kelly and Anthony's big day. With help from the lovely Layne Grime from Jono+Laynie, and an enthusiastic wedding party, you can really feel the laughter and love. [...]
  • Michelle + Joey | Hamilton Wedding

  • My amazing year was capped off with Michelle and Joeys new years eve wedding in Hamilton. It was a real privilege to shoot for a couple of wonderful people so connected to their community and who have such a profound impact on the people around them. [...]
  • Anna + Luke | Paris Wedding

  • As a photographer, one thing I constantly struggle with is working for friends. There is always an extra layer of stress not to disappoint. You want to give your all and put all of your creative and emotional weight into the images. There is something profound in having an emotional bond with your s[...]
  • Kelly + Anthony | Engaged

  • I have never been under more pressure to be successfully funny than with Anthony and Kelly. Even this intro paragraph is giving me grief. Anthony is a comedian. Kelly is a scientist (!). Although my first objective should be making great photographs, my need to connect with the people I photograph i[...]