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  • A friend, a blanket, and a baby

  • So my best friend had a baby. Naturally I did what any savvy gay man would do: I crocheted a Pinterest worthy baby blanket. Nothing fancy really, a simple pattern and some modern colours. I spent a lot of time on this project. Most weekday evenings my partner and I would sit on our couch binge watch[...]
  • Benjamin | Newborn Session

  • I guess I'm developing a soft spot for babies. I wasn't the biggest fan of photographing newborns until friends in my life started having them. It's something about the chemistry between a parent and their child. The simple and innocent joy of discovering emotion and wonder. I was surprised that Ben[...]
  • The Howard Family

  • Brett and I grew up together on the same block. I distinctly remember finding my way through the gardens and backyards of neighbours that connected our houses. We would take turns jumping off his garage, or see how we could injure ourselves on his tire swing shaped like horse. On rainy days we would[...]