Lyndsey + Rob | On The Lam Wedding | Brantford Ontario

Our first wedding of the season was so much fun. Lyndsey and Rob kept things intimate and simple. A big thank you to On The Lam for providing an amazing backdrop for the ceremony and reception, and for the crazy amazing food. A shout out to Jon of Jono and Layne Co. for being my awesome second shooter for the day. And of course, a big thank you to Lyndsey and Rob for being an awesome couple and allowing us to capture their wedding!

LR_01 LR_02 LR_03 LR_04 LR_05 LR_06 LR_07 LR_08 LR_09 LR_10 LR_11 LR_12 LR_13 LR_14 LR_15 LR_16 LR_17 LR_18 LR_19 LR_20 LR_21 LR_22 LR_23 LR_24 LR_25 LR_26 LR_27 LR_28 LR_29 LR_30 LR_31 LR_32 LR_33 LR_34 LR_35 LR_36 LR_37 LR_38 LR_39 LR_40 LR_41 LR_42 LR_43 LR_44 LR_45 LR_46 LR_47 LR_48 LR_49 LR_50 LR_51 LR_52 LR_53 LR_54 LR_55 LR_56 LR_57 LR_58 LR_59 LR_60

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