Kelly + Anthony | Engaged

I have never been under more pressure to be successfully funny than with Anthony and Kelly. Even this intro paragraph is giving me grief. Anthony is a comedian. Kelly is a scientist (!). Although my first objective should be making great photographs, my need to connect with the people I photograph is also super important. Just in case you’re waiting for a punchline, there really isn’t one. Unless that in itself is a punchline, and this is a like an anti-joke or something. I’m funnier in person.

Anyway, Anthony and Kelly are getting hitched. Which is pretty awesome. Another awesome thing was the afternoon we had together shooting their engagement photos!

 IMG_9810 IMG_9914 IMG_9936_1 IMG_9882 IMG_0127_1 IMG_0225 IMG_0199_1 IMG_0098 IMG_0493_1 IMG_0429 IMG_0404 IMG_0265

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