Erin + Mark | Paris Wedding

I’ve been meaning to write a couple of personal blog posts recently. Although I’ve had a fantastic wedding season with many wonderful couples, I’ve had my share of frustration and anxiety along the way. I feel like being open and honest about it is important. I’m sure I’ll get those things off my chest in blog posts to come, but I think what really resonated with me at this wedding was friendship. I’ve always told other photographers that are getting into the industry to make friends with other photographers. Be their support, and allow them to support you. Find people you really connect with and work on building those relationships. That advice really paid off for me with Erin and Mark’s wedding. Layne, a fellow photographer in Brantford, assisted me as my second shooter. If you don’t know, Her and her husband Jon are two fantastic photographers and you can find their website here. I couldn’t be happier to have friends like Jon and Layne. Not only because I know I can count on their support, but also, they are two wonderful people who deserve the success they achieve.

Erin and Mark are too more wonderful people. I think the best clients I can ask for are ones that give lots of creative freedom and are as enthusiastic as you are about the process. They also gave ample time for photographs as well. We took a drive in the coolest coach bus I’ve ever seen to Penmarvian, the coolest retirement home I’ve ever seen. Congratulations Erin and Mark on your amazing wedding!

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