East Coast Summer Vacation

Being an interesting and witty writer is why I often hesitate to post new work on my blog. I’m terrible at it. I want my images to speak for themselves, but I realize that I need to give them context. My other dilemma has been how I feel about my personal photography. For the past year or so, I’ve brought my camera on vacations, but it’s felt like an obligation. This is a problem I’m sure a lot of creative types run into. The burnout of making something you’re passionate about a full time job. When it’s time to place creative energy into something for yourself, the drive is just not there.

Something changed on this trip, I started with a real desire to create and make images that inspired me. This drive was also matched by a willingness to ask for the photo. I really pushed outside of my own comfort zone, approaching strangers to take their portrait, or just getting more intimate with my subjects. Even the occasional discomfort of lugging around a heavy camera was easily forgotten.

We travelled to Rivière-de-Loup on our first night. It was a big push to make the rest of the drive a little less taxing. Fredericton greeted us the next day, and beautiful Prince Edward Island was our destination the day after. Our home was a ocean side cottage situated pretty central on the island. The week was filled with day trips, beautiful sunsets, and great local food. We ate lobster, went to Anne of Green Gables, took in Acadian culture, visited lighthouses, and did other generically tourist-y things. The week was over before we knew it, but luckily our trip wasn’t quite over. We stopped in Ville de Québec for Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France (Yes I know what that means, my french tutor app says I’m now %16 fluent). Other highlights included running into my partner’s high school french teacher, watching the Charlottetown pride parade, and seeing a wild but very tame fox on two separate occasions!

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