Christine & Chris | Brantford Wedding

August has been an amazing month for weddings so far. Christine and Chris started off the month for us with their charming and intimate wedding at the Olde School House, with photos taken at Glenhyrst gardens. As we arrived back at the venue for dinner, we noticed a car show happening across the street at Benmar. With a few willing car owners, and the stormy weather, we had a wonderfully dramatic backdrop. Congratulations Christine and Chris!

IMG_7911-1 IMG_7911 IMG_7911-2 IMG_7974 IMG_7911-3 IMG_8261 IMG_8275 IMG_8337 IMG_8918 IMG_9002 IMG_7911-4 IMG_9015 IMG_9109 IMG_8696 IMG_7911-5 IMG_9130 IMG_9226 IMG_7911-6 IMG_9298

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