Benjamin | Newborn Session

I guess I’m developing a soft spot for babies. I wasn’t the biggest fan of photographing newborns until friends in my life started having them. It’s something about the chemistry between a parent and their child. The simple and innocent joy of discovering emotion and wonder. I was surprised that Benjamin was so lucid and focused for being a mere 11 days old. Of course, he still had trouble focusing on far away objects, but it seemed that if I was close enough I could really grab his attention. One thing that didn’t surprise me was the poop. I have a lot of respect for parents of newborns simply for the fact that they have to handle poop all day, sometimes literally. Enjoy this cozy set of images from Benjamin’s newborn session!

IMG_0381 IMG_0373 IMG_0501 IMG_0466 IMG_0407 IMG_0525 IMG_0442


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