A friend, a blanket, and a baby

So my best friend had a baby. Naturally I did what any savvy gay man would do: I crocheted a Pinterest worthy baby blanket. Nothing fancy really, a simple pattern and some modern colours. I spent a lot of time on this project. Most weekday evenings my partner and I would sit on our couch binge watching Netflix, and there I would sit in zen with my crochet hook. Between crochet and pottery (another stereotypical middle aged woman hobby that I’ve picked up) I feel like my masculinity should be threatened. Luckily, I think gender roles are dumb. At first, I picked up crochet because finding (affordable) gender nuetral and fashionable knitwear was really hard. But there was something else. It wasn’t until after I picked up pottery and the beginning of this year that I realized the psychology behind my newly acquired hobbies: solitude. Photography has this tendency to be very emotionally and spiritually draining. After I shoot a wedding I usually need a day to recharge my batteries so to speak. To be creatively inspired, and technically competent, and outgoing, and engaging all at the same time can be a daunting task. Pottery and crochet is the literal opposite. I will always be a photographer first, but letting your creativity flow through other mediums is always a healthy thing.

Bek_01 Bek_02 Bek_03 Bek_04 Bek_05 Bek_06Bek_07

Did you think I wasn’t going to comment on this cute as buttons baby?! Oh my gawd. This baby. Look at those cheeks. It didn’t cry once. She’s like a designer baby. And the best part?

She has two superheroes for parents.


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